I believe in the power of sponsorship as part of your marketing plan and, having worked at both raising sponsorship income and managing sponsorship spend, I can leverage from either side for the best outcome.

I understand the emotional relationship between people and their passions, and look to find the right connection for a perfect fit sponsorship. With over 20 years experience and strategic insight, I can harness the emotive connection and convert it into significant, tangible results for brands and businesses. I can also align your brand with an appropriate property or create a bespoke partnership when none exists.

I will become part of your extended team, and bring in other collaborators as needed to ensure strategic direction is set, plans implemented and expectations met.

Successful sponsorships that have achieved measurable results include:-

Lexus IS 250 launch on Adelaide Festival Centre Stage

7 cars sold on the night and increased Lexus SA monthly quota from 3 to 5

Grant Burge Wines partnership with Australian Dance Theatre UK/USA tour

Increased awareness and presence in overseas markets for both brands